About Jim Hartzell

Ever since I was a kid I admired how my Dad, also an entrepreneur, had a way of finding businesses that were fundamentally sound, but broken financially.

He would take these little gems and turn them around into some really amazing and profitable businesses that provided hundreds of good jobs and fed his family.

Dad taught me, in word and deed, that good business is first and foremost all about it's most important ingredient: people. People are the employees, customers, suppliers, communities and yes, the owners and all the families dependent on any small business. For that lesson, I consider my dad my hero.

Since 1987, when I started my first business, a ServiceMaster cleaning and disaster restoration franchise, I have been committed to this one guiding principle- "People first, everything else follows, including profits".

Not all my ventures have been financially profitable. For example, during the "dot com boom" of the early 2000s, I learned the hard way that when you chase after a quick buck it can come back to bite you. I lost $150,000 on a vain internet pursuit that I thought would make me rich.

Where I've found the most satisfaction in business is in serving people. I love "service businesses" because they connect me directly with the community I live in and serve on many levels.

Carpet Cleaning, Fire and Water Damage Restoration, Home Maid Service, Community Self-Storage and Business Document Storage and Records Management. These are the businesses I have successfully started, operated, grown and eventually sold.

There are invaluable lessons learned from: signing my first contract, buying equipment, renting my first building, hiring, training and paying my first employee(s), handling disgruntled customers, borrowing money, working so hard that I landed in the hospital with pneumonia, raising my family and staying close to my wife in the midst of all the chaos...to name just a few.

I would be honored if you would consider letting me serve you as your coach. Just like you, I'm not perfect. But I have learned some extremely important keys to starting, operating and profiting from local home services businesses. And I would love to help you experience some of the same success that I have had.

I look forward to connecting with you soon and learning more about your journey as an entrepreneur.

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